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2016-05-26 - Visak Day 2016 has been added!

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Zodiac 2016 - Year of the Monkey Thai Postage Stamps Issue Plan 2016
# Issue Date Issue Name
1 2016-01-01    Zodiac 2016 (Year of the Monkey) Postage Stamp
2 2016-01-09    National Children's Day 2016 Commemorative Stamps
3 2016-02-01    50th Anniversary of National Institute of Development Administration Commemorative Stamp
4 2016-02-04    Chinese New Year 2016 Postage Stamp
5 2016-02-08    Symbol of Love 2016 Postage Stamp
6 2016-02-18    Centenary of Office of the Auditor General Commemorative Stamp
7 2016-02-26    Centenary of Thai Cooperatives (1916 - 2016) Commemorative Stamp
8 2016-03-01    60th Anniversary of Burapha University Commemorative Stamp
9 2016-03-08    84th Anniversary of Petchaburiwittayalongkorn Teacher's Training School B.E.2475 (Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Under the Royal Patronage B.E.2547) Commemorative Stamp
10 2016-03-09    The Centennial Anniversary of Puey Ungphakorn Commemorative Stamps
11 2016-03-14    Centenary of Ananta Samagom Throne Hall Commemorative Stamp
12 2016-03-26    Chlalongkorn University Centenial Commemorative Stamp
13 2016-03-30    Red Cross 2016 Commemorative Stamp
14 2016-04-02    Thai Heritage Conservation Day 2016 Commemorative Stamps
15 2016-04-07    Songkran Festival 2016 Commemorative Stamps
16 2016-04-12    720th Anniversary of Chiangmai Commemorative Stamp
17 2016-05-03    WIPO Award for Creative Excellence Postage Stamp
18 2016-05-05    Thailand - Indonesia Joint Issue Stamps
19 2016-05-20    Visak Day 2016 Commemorative Stamp
20 2016-06-25    100th Anniversary of Bangkok Railway Station Commemorative Stamps
21 2016-07-28    H.R.H. Crown Prince of Thailand Postage Stamps
22 2016-08-04    National Communications Day 2016 Commemorative Stamp
23 2016-08-05    40th Anniversary of Thailand - Vietnam Diplomatic Relations Commemorative Stamps
24 2016-08-10    32nd Asian International Stamp Exhibition Commemorative Stamp
25 2016-08-12    The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion of Her Majesty the Queen's 7th Cycle Birthday Anniversary 12nd August 2016 Commemorative Stamp
26 2016-08-16    100th Anniversary of Thai Rice Research Commemorative Stamp
27 2016-09-00    Temples Festival Postage Stamps / River Postage Stamps
28 2016-10-09    World Post Day 2016 Commemorative Stamp
29 2016-11-15    New Year 2017 Postage Stamps (1st Series)
30 2016-11-15    New Year 2017 Postage Stamp (2nd Series)
31 2016-12-05    H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej's 89th Birthday Anniversary Commemorative Stamp
32 2016-12-15    Luangpu Tim, Wat Laharn Rai Postage Stamp

* The details of these stamps are subject to changed without notice.

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