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We mainly offer Mint Stamps, Souvenir Sheets, and First Day Covers.  
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2020-08-19 - Due to the COVID-19 situation. Thailand Post cannot delivery to some countries. So, please be asking us before placing an order that your country is available or not.

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   HOME >> Shipping & Service Fee
Shipping Rate & Handling Cost for World Wide

We are sending all packages with the Registered Air Mail method only. Here is the table of shipping rate vary by order subtotal and destination zone.

Shipping Rate Table
Order Subtotal
Destination Zone
Asia Africa, Europe, Oceania North & South America United States of America
10.00 - 30.00 6.00 USD 6.50 USD 7.00 USD 10.00 USD
30.01 - 50.00 7.00 USD 7.50 USD 8.00 USD 11.00 USD
50.01 - 70.00 8.00 USD 8.50 USD 9.00 USD 12.00 USD
70.01 - 90.00 9.00 USD 9.50 USD 10.00 USD 13.00 USD
90.01 - 120.00 10.00 USD 10.50 USD 11.00 USD 14.00 USD
120.01 - 150.00 11.00 USD 11.50 USD 12.00 USD 15.00 USD
150.01 - 200.00 12.00 USD 12.50 USD 13.00 USD 16.00 USD
The exceeded amount of 200 USD will be looping calculated and merged together.
+ 0.50 USD
extra charge for the specific 45 countries as following
   Albania    Armenia    Aruba
   Austria    Belgium    Bhutan
   Cayman Islands    China    Colombia
   Curacao    Cyprus    Denmark
   Dominican Republic    Egypt    Finland
   France    Georgia    Germany
   Gibraltar    Greece    Great Britain
   Honduras    Iceland    Indonesia
   Ireland    Italy    Japan
   Jersey    Jordan    Kiribati
   Lebanon    Lithuania    Luxembourg
   Macao    Malta    Mexico
   New Zealand    Paraguay    Russia
   Slovenia    Swaziland    Sweden
   Switzerland    USA    Vanuatu
Ship within Thailand just $2.50 USD per order only!

*** Order with FDC items may be asked for an extra charge a bit. (Up to their quantities and your destination zone under a shop owner's consideration)

*We affix some beautiful stamps as postage everytime, you can keep them to your collection or exchange with your friends.

Service Fee
    This mean the service fee that we will be charged by PayPal when we get paid from you about 5% of your total payment. We included this charge to the shipping cost already. You will not be charged anymore for the service fee unless of your order have the FDC items as mentioned above. So, your expected estimate total payment is your order subtotal + the shipping cost rule above.

Estimated time takens delivery after shipped
 From Thailand to other Asian countries: 5-15 days
 From Thailand to Europe: 7-15 days
 From Thailand to North America: 14-30 days
 From Thailand to South America: 14-30 days
 From Thailand to Africa : 10-20 days
** The actual time taken depends on shipping destination.

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